I am committed to limiting the impact of my practice on the environment and landscape, making timeless and durable objects that respect the earth and natural resources.

As a maker, it’s my responsibility to acknowledge how my practice is related to production and consumption, and to adopt the principles of ecology and circular economy, while looking for an aesthetic that transcends from fad, fashionable trends.

I’m accountable for offering objects that are just and sustainable in every aspect.

To this end I’m constantly researching and improving my ceramic production process. To run my studio, including the electric kiln where my pieces are fired, I use certified electricity from renewable sources. Part of my research focuses on locally sourced materials, and clay bodies and glazes containing a percentage of recycled material coming from industrial and domestic waste. My goal is to develop a collection with limited use of raw materials in the future.

I do everything to create a positive impact on society and the natural world, by adopting the best practices to produce accessible and evocative objects that communicate meaningful messages and imbue everyday life with beauty and harmony.