Hi, I'm Valentina, founder of GEOLOGISMI.

I started this project because I truly believe that matter is everything but passive: even if inert, it can be a vehicle of meaningful messages, values and culture. It can be emotional and move us, it can bring beauty and poetry in our daily life.

That’s why, after years spent as a researcher in the field of materials science and technology, I felt the urge to explore materials beyond their physical characteristics.  

My focus shifted from material technology to material narratives, from how to exploit materials properties to how to tell their story and acknowledge their active role in our lives. Looking for a practice that could bring together all the different interests that draw my curiosity, in 2016 I started training in traditional ceramics techniques, from hand throwing to slip casting, hand building and glazing.

From this comprehensive approach GEOLOGISMI was born. It’s a ceramic studio where I make objects that will hopefully engage us in a dialogue, telling their stories and, at the same time, becoming a repository for our own memories.